Security Flaw Detected In Microchips Threatens Billions Of Computers, Smartphones.

The world’s biggest chipmakers and software companies, including Intel Corp. and Microsoft, are coming to grips with a vulnerability that leaves vast numbers of computers and smartphones susceptible to hacking and performance slowdowns, reports Chicago Times. Google researchers recently discovered that a feature, present in almost all of the billions of processors that run computers […]

Treat The U.S. President Fairly, Trump Charges New York Times’s New Publisher In Twitter Congratulatory Message

United States President Donald Trump, Tuesday, offered his congratulations to the new publisher of The New York Times, A.G. Sulzberger, charging the paper’s new leadership to treat the U.S. President fairly. President Trump in his usual characteristics tweeted, “The Failing New York Times has a new publisher, A.G. Sulzberger. Congratulations! Here is a last chance […]

Queen Elizabeth, Family Attend New Year’s Eve Church Service In Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth attended a New Year’s Eve church service in Sandringham, England, on Sunday ahead of her family’s end of year celebrations. Resplendent in a turquoise suit and matching hat, the 91-year-old monarch was joined by members of her family including Prince Philip, 96, their daughter Princess Anne, 67, and their daughter-in-law Sophie the Countess […]