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Chinese Experience In Organ Transplantation Appreciated At World Health Assembly

The ongoing 71st World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva on Thursday shows high appreciation for the value of China’s model and experience in organ transplantation. The WHA meetings focused on the universal coverage of organ transplantation, with delegates from China, Spain, Russia, Uruguay and Qatar sharing their experience and ideas on the topic. Huang Jiefu, […]

ERP Technology: Acumatica Cloud ERP Ranked Highest

By Innocent Onoja Nucleus Research recently ranked Acumatica Cloud ERP highest for usability in its ERP Technology Value Matrix 2017. Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP company, has announced multiple enhancements to its latest product release as the disruptive company continues expanding into markets underserved by larger, less innovative competitors. One Channel, Africa’s leading cloud […]

Security Flaw Detected In Microchips Threatens Billions Of Computers, Smartphones.

The world’s biggest chipmakers and software companies, including Intel Corp. and Microsoft, are coming to grips with a vulnerability that leaves vast numbers of computers and smartphones susceptible to hacking and performance slowdowns, reports Chicago Times. Google researchers recently discovered that a feature, present in almost all of the billions of processors that run computers […]