Science & Technology

Security Flaw Detected In Microchips Threatens Billions Of Computers, Smartphones.

The world’s biggest chipmakers and software companies, including Intel Corp. and Microsoft, are coming to grips with a vulnerability that leaves vast numbers of computers and smartphones susceptible to hacking and performance slowdowns, reports Chicago Times. Google researchers recently discovered that a feature, present in almost all of the billions of processors that run computers […]

U.S. Promotes STEM Education in Nigeria, Trains 460 Students, Teachers on Robotics

By Ikenna Asomba No fewer than 460 elementary, secondary, and university students, STEM teachers, robotics enthusiasts, and scientists have been engaged in a week-long robotics workshop! put up by the United States Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria, in collaboration with RoboRave International, a U.S.-based robotics education academy. The training is being hosted at the American Corner at Co-Creation Hub […]

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept To Star At Tokyo In Grandstyle

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell powered Fine-Comfort Ride concept boasts over 400bhp and more than 600 miles of range. Toyota is previewing fuel cell technology, with significant gains over its existing Mirai model, with its Tokyo show concept, the Fine-Comfort Ride, reports Auto Express. The Japanese brand’s novel six-seater weighs more than two tonnes and features a long […]