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Watch NASA Parker Solar Probe Launch LIVE

Watch NASA Parker Solar Probe Launch LIVE


The NASA Parker Solar Probe is expected to launch and embark on its historic journey to “kiss” the sun after being delayed this morning.

A new launch time was determined to be 9:28am BST.

At 9:21am the teams starts their checks again and were able to start their count after hearing “you have permission to launch”.

It has not been confirmed what the delay is and the window to launch for today will close at about 9:38am BST (4:38am local time).

Teams have been working to make sure that everything is in order as not everything has given the go-ahead to launch.

The mission will take seven years and it will take 55 times more energy to go the Sun than to Mars.

The £1.17billion ($1.5billion) mission will study the sun’s incredibly hot outer atmosphere, called the corona, as well as the charged particles that flow off the star and into the solar system.




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