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EU-Nigeria Partnership: Sustainable Growth And Job Creation Attainable In Nigeria

By Victor Gotevbe, Publisher and Nathaniel Gotevbe, Correspondent. Building partnership for growth and job creation was the spotlight for this Year’s EU Nigeria Business Forum held at Eko Hotel, Lagos. The 7th edition of the forum attracted people from all walks of life including government officials, business executives, diplomats,Policy experts and the Media. Various panel […]

Diplomacy Begins Here Summit: U.S. DOS Deepens Participants’ Understanding of U.S. Foreign Policy, Diplomacy And Programs

  Victor Gotevbe, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Diplomatic Watch Magazine; Christina Miner, Managing Director, Professional and Cultural Exchanges, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State (middle) and Ann Acka’a, Contributing Editor, Diplomatic Watch.By Victor Gotevbe and Ann Acka’a, Contributing Editor, The United States Department of State (DOS) had its representatives at the latest Diplomacy Begins […]

Welcome Dinner: Frigate Yancheng Arrives Lagos Port

By Victor Gotevbe, The Chinese Consulate General, Lagos on Monday held a welcome reception for the Chinese 28th Naval Escort Task Force who arrived Lagos Port with Guided-missile Frigate Yancheng (their Commanding Ship) in the just concluded  2nd Nigeria international maritime conference, regional  maritime exercise and Navy Day hosted by the Nigerian Navy. The Nigerian […]

Yeyeoba Omooba Of Oyotunji African Village Shares Cultural Insights At The World Village Festival, Helsinki, Finland

By Victor Gotevbe, Ifabunmi Adefunmi- Sands, an Arts,Culture and Health Expert and the Yeyeoba Omooba of Oyotunji African Village in South Carolina, USA attended the just concluded World Village Festival held in Helsinki, Finland as a Panel Discussant. The Panel Discussion centered on Improving the Status of Women through Art. The session focused on how […]

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