Arsene Wenger has received Liberia’s highest honor from his ex-player, the footballer-turned-president, George Weah.

The former Arsenal manager was given the award alongside Claude Le Roy, who is a longterm friend of both Weah and Wenger at the ceremony in the country’s capital, Monrovia Friday.

“I have the honor to welcome two of my former coaches to Liberia. Arsene Wenger and Claude Le Roy both played a pivotal role in shaping my soccer career,” President Weah said in a Facebook post.

Wenger, 68, received Liberia’s Order of Distinction and was conferred with the Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption – the highest possible rank, according to the country’s Information Ministry.

Although Wenger has a close connection with the continent and coached many African players during his time at Arsenal, some Liberians questioned why he received the award.

“No one knows what Wenger did for Liberia to deserve that highest honour,” Twitter user Stanley Kenani wrote.