President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday spoke with U.S. President Donald Trump over the phone, a day ahead of his special envoy’s visit to Pyongyang.

Presidential Spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said that during the 50-minute conversation, the two leaders discussed ways to boost cooperation on North Korea’s denuclearization and meeting at the UN General Assembly to discuss strategy and cooperation for Korean Peninsula-related issues.

Moon explained that he was sending a delegation led by his special envoy to discuss ways to establish permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Moon told Trump that now is a pivotal time for establishing peace and stressed that such efforts go hand in hand with complete denuclearization.

He said that improved South-North ties and eased tensions on the peninsula will contribute to the denuclearization and establishment of permanent peace in the region.

In response, Trump expressed sincere hope that Moon’s delegation will reap good results and requested that Moon inform him of the trip’s results.

He also reiterated that he hopes the next inter-Korean summit slated for this month will not only enhance inter-Korean ties but also yield strong results for implementing agreements that he reached with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. e phone, a day ahead of his special envoy’s visit to Pyongyang.

Source: KBS World