Anabel Veloso performing a dance – Photo Credit: Lunar Photography

The Embassy of Spain in Nigeria will on Thursday, October 11, 2018 hold its next cultural event; “Raíces al Viento (Roots to the Wind)”, a flamenco performance by the Compañía Anabel Veloso dance group at the Auditorium of the National Universities Commission, Abuja.

Flamenco is an artistic expression fusing song (“cante”), dance (“baile”) and musicianship (“toque”), originated in Andalusia, in southern Spain. The Compañía Anabel Veloso has not only been performing this traditional dance in Abuja for several years, but they have also given masterclasses to Nigerian dancers. This collaboration has led to an extraordinary fusion of cultures through dance, poetry and singing.

Anabel Veloso performing a dance – Photo Credit: Lunar Photography

This year, the Compañía Anabel Veloso will be presenting the director’s creation, “Raíces al viento”.

A popular legend in Spain tells the story of a holm oak tree who tried to become a woman by singing, playing music and dancing from its roots to the heavens.

Raíces al Viento (“Roots to the Wind”) is an adaptation of the successful performance Arbol con Alas (“Tree with Wings”) of the Flamenco Dance Group CompañíaAnabel Veloso, which was first performed at the XIX Flamenco Biennial of Seville.

The Andalusian artist looks for her nourishment through her roots and therefrom begin the search towards expressive liberty. As the old oak tree, the dancer experiences the changes of the seasons, resulting in acts like Bulería en Primavera (Bulería in spring), Alegrías en Verano (Cheers in the Summer,) Tangos and Tanguillos in Autumn,or Nana para el expresar recogimiento invernal (Lullaby for the winter seclusion).

All of this result in a vivid performance inspired in emotions, colours, rhythms and an atmosphere uniquely expressed through the art of Flamenco.

The event is being organised in the framework of the existing MOU between Spain and Nigeria on cultural cooperation, is supported by the National Universities Commission and sponsored by GB Foods, Grupo Terratest; Jardin (Nig.) Ltd., JIREH Communications and SV Chrome.

The event is free.