By Celestine Osemeilu, Editor

Social life is gradually creeping into British Royal Family. The big question is could this be influenced by women married into the family recently?

The Queen of English has posted her first Instagram post. On a visit to the Science Museum, Her Majesty formally opened the new Smith Centre by sharing archive images on The Royal Family Instagram account.

The account was set up in 2013 to share images and content of The Royal Family, their work, family celebrations and anniversaries and to invite interaction from followers across the world. To date, the account currently has 4.5 million followers.

Touching an iPad screen, she shared an image on the official royal family account of a letter from 19th century inventor and mathematician Charles Babbage to Prince Albert.

Known as a pioneer of the computer, Babbage wrote to Albert in 1843 about his Analytical Engine, a machine which could perform calculations using punched cards and had a memory unit to store numbers.
As of the time of writing this report, the said post had over 220, 000 Likes on the micro blogging Site Instagram.