ritish Prime Minister Theresa May will hold a special government meeting on September 13, where she will discuss the measures to be taken in case of a hard Brexit with the European Union (EU), according to weekend press reports.
May will set some technical precautions with an eye on a possible exit from the community block without agreement, said the Sunday Times weekly.

She announced on July 24 that he will personally handle the negotiations with the EU on the separation of his country.

‘It is essential that the government organize itself in the most efficient way possible to continue with the Brexit’, May said.

For his part, the minister for the exit of the bloc, Dominic Raab, asserted that the purpose of the country’s leadership is the signing of a pact with the EU, but the internal contradictions about the most effective way to do this make the process more difficult.

‘We must be prepared to consider other alternatives in case of a hard Brexit,’ Raab said during a speech last Tuesday.

According to the plan, the agreement between both parties should be ready in October and the separation would take place in March 2019.

However, the British Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington, said that it is possible to extend the negotiations until November, and considered that the EU bloc will not oppose the realization of readjustments in the calendar, which would allow to reach a definitive agreement.