By Ikenna Asomba

In my quiet time, over the last 24 hours, I have critically had some introspection over the unnecessary sectional Hoopla, from across parts of the world, owing to the United States relocation of its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And I ask, is this United States Embassy, not just a building sited on some hectares of land in Jerusalem? I ask again, what’s even in a building?

Good and fine, the United States as the world’s Big Brother, over the years had tried so much to broker peace in the Middle East, particularly between Palestines and Israel. Several efforts have failed. The One-State Solution failed. The Two-State Solution failed.

Many a Diplomatic Political Analysts insist that the Two-State Solution, is the best way out of this 70years old feud.

But again, the clog remains that the State of Palestine has two factions- the Mamoud Abbas Faction and Hamas Faction formerly led by Late Yasser Arafat. While the Abbas faction is largely peaceful and has had considerable level of military cooperations with Israel over the years, the Hamas faction is largely violent- and believes in Violent Arms Struggle.

While the Abbas faction lays claim to East Jerusalem, the Hamas faction lays claim to Gaza strip. So, I ask, who should Israel negotiate with?

But again, what’s even in a building? That the U.S., a sovereign and the most powerful nation on earth, led by its President, Donald Trump, with the total concurrence of the U.S. Parliament, decides to relocate its Embassy to Jerusalem, does that call for violent protests rocking the Israel/Gaza Border by Hamas faction?

That Israel decides Jerusalem is its capital, does that call for Violence or Arms Struggle?

People must be reminded that in the 70’s and 80’s, several countries had their Embassies in Jerusalem before they relocated to Tel Aviv. Israel’s Supreme Court building, Parliament building and the building housing the offices of its President and Prime Minister are all in Jerusalem. So, what’s all this unnecessary Hoopla for that the U.S., a sovereign nation decides to site its Embassy in Jerusalem?

Can’t the U.S. decide to site its Embassy in Onitsha, Nigeria, if it feels her inhabitants travel a lot to its country for businesses, pleasure, et al, thus, boosting its economy?

If the countries which hitherto had their Embassies in Jerusalem, later moved to Tel Aviv, decide to relocate back to Jerusalem, I ask, what’s in a building? Why the Unnecessary Hullabaloo?

We must all be properly guided that former U.S. Presidents from Bill Clinton, George Bush jnr., Barrack Obama, one time or the other promised to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, for it has been the Ancient capital of Israel dating back over 3000 years ago. Biblical and Archeological findings prove so. King David named Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

So, if President Donald J. Trump made same promise in 2016, gave the directives in December 2017, and fulfilled the age-long promise like others before this, in May 2018, what’s the Unnecessary Hoopla all about.

As an ardent international relations student, Palenstines are the ones that don’t want peace.

Within 11 years of this raging feud, Israel has grown in leaps and bounds. But the Gaza strip controlled by Hamas led terrorists has remained in a state of shambles.

We must be reminded that POTUS Trump is currently concerned with the Diplomatic issue of Denuclearization of North Korea. Once that happens between now and June 2018, barring any last minutes change of circumstances, Peace Brokerage in the Palestine/Israel feud becomes the next issue on the table.

Look, at times, you use madness to cure madness. Ask Bashir al-Assad of Syria. Have you had any P-I-M from him lately?

Also, ask Kim Jong-un, the Rocket man from North Korea. I assure you, he would bow. He is not smarter than Trump nor the U.S.

As for President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, he would soon be properly guided, by the time full scale military and economic sanctions are levied against Iran by the U.S.

Whether you accept it or not, POTUS Trump is the prophesied NEW WORLD ORDER in fulfillment.

Biblically, Zechariah 8:3; 20-23, will further convince you about this Special Recognition given Jerusalem, today, by ‘Mighty’ nations.

Ikenna Asomba is Editor, Diplomatic Watch.