By Celestine Osemeilu, Editor

Can you believe it! The Canadian prime minister seem to have found his age long lost twin somewhere in the Middle East. Amazing. This is the story.
Humans are actually created in twos.

Abdul Salam Maftoon’s appearance has turned him into an unlikely celebrity in his home country with some fans believing the two men were “separated at birth”.

Although the Afghan Star contestant had never heard of his doppelganger until a judge pointed out his striking likeness to the world leader, he now believes it has boosted his chances of winning.

“People have forgotten my name and now they just call me ‘Justin Trudeau’,” said the singer from the impoverished northeastern province of Badakhshan. “I didn’t know anything about Justin Trudeau until I saw the photos on social media.

“The resemblance has boosted my chances of winning the competition by 50%.”

Composite photos of Maftoon, 29, who is slightly built with a long face and dark brown hair and eyes, and 47-year-old Mr Trudeau – widely rated as one of the best looking leaders in the world – have drawn scores of comments on social media.