By Ikenna Asomba

Committed to developing ecosystems of healthy living on south side of Chicago, Illinois, Mama Moore’s Community Garden, a community sponsored project of Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation, will be teaming up with 8th Ward Alderman Michelle A. Harris, Chicago Bungalow Association, and Metropolitan Water Reclamation to host a Free Compost Giveaway on Saturday, May 12th, 2018, from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

In a statement sent to Diplomatic Watch, the Executive Director, Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation, Patrice Patterson, said the event will take place at the Garden situated at 7936 South Dobson, Chicago, Illinois, (IL 60619), United States of America.

The statement read: “Mama Moore’s Community Garden, Alderman Michelle Harris (8th Ward), The Chicago Bungalow Association, and Metropolitan Water Reclamation are working together to give away free bags of compost.

“Ahead of the Saturday, May 12th, 2018 Free Compost Giveaway event, Mama Moore’s Community Garden is looking for 10 Male High School Volunteers, on Friday, May 11th, 2018, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm to help with unloading 300 bags of compost. Each bag weighs 40 lbs. The venue is 7938 S. Dobson, Chicago, IL 60619.

“Compost is a natural fertilizer that improves soil, provides nutrients for plants, wards off plant diseases, and helps soil better hold water.

Water Barrels from 8th Ward Alderman Michelle A. Harris.

“Volunteers must have signed consent from a parent/guardian AND an authorized member from your school personnel like your principal or counselor. Volunteer hours can be utilized for Community Service Learning Hours.

“If interested as a Male High School Volunteer, click the link to fill the google form.”

For more details contact Patrice Patterson on 872-401-7137 or

Facebook Page: Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation.

Facebook Group: Mama Moore’s Community Garden.

Instagram: mamamoore079


Mama Moore’s Community Garden is a community sponsored project dedicated to sustainable urban gardening, healthy eating and healing, youth development, economic empowerment, collective work and responsibility.

Mission Statement

Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to developing ecosystems of healthy living on south side of Chicago.

The foundation is dedicated to creating vital human, social and economic resources as a collaborative model for collective work, responsibility and locally, stable socioeconomic infrastructure.

Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation aims to empower the community with programming and initiatives that concentrates on areas of:

– Holistic Living
– African and African American Culture
– Youth Development/Senior Recreation
– Technology and The Arts
– Entrepreneurship
– Community Engagement and Development

Vision Statement

To be a local leader for community members at creating local models of socio-economic, interdependent ecosystems of healthy living for common unity of the south side of Chicago.

Values Statement

Mama Moore’s SMART Foundation is vested in the work of the greater good and commonwealth of its community members residing on the South Side of Chicago. As an agent of change, our social responsibilities are driven by Five (5) core values:

– Community
– Empowerment
– Enlightenment
– Engagement, and
– Stewardship.