Menkiti Onyebuchi Bernie

Azerbaijan is a geo-remarkable and geo-friendly country with awesome disposition to nature, typified by hill sides and the overlooking Caspian Sea. A country sometimes referred to as the the land of fire, christened Yanar Dağ, one of worlds most renowned tourist sites.
Aside its beautiful natural attractions, Azerbaijan upholds her culture, supports literary culture infusion in education and rekindles the hope of its teeming young population.
Early in the year 2019, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Heydar Oglu Aliyev announced hopeful words when he  declared 2019 a “Nasimi year”. He did this in honor and celebration of the 650th anniversary of Imadaddin Nasimi, one of Azerbaijans greatest gift to the mother world.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was quoted to have made this known during a meeting with Cabinet Ministers following the mappings of the results of socio-economic development of 2018 and Azerbaijan Republic’s objectives for the future.
The man whom the year was dedicated to and named after, Seyyid Imadeddin Nasimi was a renowned poet scholar. He was also a cult figure in poetry genres, socio-religious and philosophical thoughts. Nasimi as he is known, founded a school of philosophical poetry which is studied in the Azerbaijani language.
Infact, it was in the spirit of the declaration of a “Nasimi year” that Azerbaijan Diaspora Youth Summer Conference was held on 8-14 July in Shamakhi City. The almost seven day conference was bankrolled by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic, State Committee on Work with Diaspora, the Foundation for support of the Azerbaijani Diaspora, Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and Great Silk Way International Youth Union (GSWIY).
It was reported, ‘that hundreds of young people from 51 countries applied for participation in the traditional camp which was ran successfully.’
The conference was designed to host young Azerbaijanis, some of who live and study in different countries of the world, as well as young people who propagate and project Azerbaijans history and culture. It was in a bid to make this a reality that a platform was set up to engender exchange of ideas, forwarding of opinion and dispersion of thoughts on relevant topics.
According to reports made available to, giving a large body of application received, only 110 young Azerbaijani’s from among the applicants were elected to participate in the conference. And among them was Billura Bayramova Bernard.
Billura Bayramova Bernard represented from Nigeria. She is the founder and President of The Friends of Azerbaijan in Nigeria. She is also a friend of