A foreigner shows his permanent residence permit in Shanghai. [Photo/IC]
Shanghai authorities issued green cards to a Nobel laureate and five other foreigners on Monday, signifying the city’s further move to attract foreign talents by simplifying the procedure of applying for permanent residency.

Besides Kurt Wüthrich, laureate of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, other green card winners include scientists involved in basic research, leaders in applied research and entrepreneurs in the city’s key industries, according to Shanghai Observer.

Qualified foreign talents now can apply for permanent residency online and, three days later, obtain a green card in one hour at the municipal Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

Qualified applicants should be high-level foreign talents acknowledged by central or municipal government, and senior professionals employed and guaranteed by companies listed as Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprises.

Since July 2015, Shanghai authorities launched 25 Exit-Entry policies that will help build the city to be a globally influential science and technology innovation center.

Earlier this year, Shanghai introduced a talent attraction plan, pushing forward a series of measures to facilitate the application of permanent residency, long-term residency, a “talent visa” and a port visa for foreign talents.

The plan categorizes seven types of foreigners qualified to apply for permanent residency, such as those whose annual salary and tax reach certain amount.

Source: China Daily