Wildflower is back on StarTimes. The second season of the acclaimed Filipino telenovelas will be aired from January 20th exclusive on ST Novela E Plus.

Wildflower is one of the most watched series on primetime in Philippines and was a real success in Africa when premiered by StarTimes last spring.

“We knew Wildflower had a lot of potential but we did not expect it to become our most popular drama. Fans have been craving for season 2 since the end of the first season” explains Echo Zhao, ST Novela E PlusChannel Manager. “We are very happy to start 2019 by broadcasting this amazing show. And believe me, if you liked the first season, you will love the second one.”

Lead actress Maja Salvador is grateful for the support viewers have given the program.

“We would like thank our viewers for the love and support they have given us in our first season. This second season, we promise to give your wilder revelations and wilder plot twists. We hope you continue loving and supporting us,” Maja said in an interview.

Wildflower, produced by ABS-CBN, is a story of a woman’s courage, determination, and resilience to find justice for her family and for the people of one town. Driven by hope and love, main protagonist Lily/Ivy fights for what is right without putting the law in her hands.

Things will definitely get wilder as tension rises even higher. With Nay Carlota’s death, Ivy is further motivated to put the Ardientes down. What will Ivy do to give justice to Carlota? There is also no stopping Diego from running for governor of PoblacionArdiente against his brother Arnaldo. Will he win this battle or will he get played by his own family? When it comes to love, will Arnaldo finally fall into Ivy’s bait? Will Diego set aside his feeling for Ivy to heed the call of service?

All these questions will get answers on ST Novela E Plus from Friday to Sunday19:50 CAT, two episodes per day starting from January 20th.


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