Iran’s first vice-president Es’haq Jahangiri has admitted on Tuesday, September 11 that U.S. sanctions against Iran have been “highly effective.”

Jahangiri also said that Iran is experiencing “a difficult and sensitive situation,” but it has not reached a “deadlock” yet, Iranian Students News Agency ISNA quoted him as saying in a speech in Tehran.

Emphasizing that the sanctions have been highly effective, Jahangiri added, “The U.S. has declared an economic war on us. Meanwhile they are waging a political and media war in order to influence public opinion in Iran.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had also accused the U.S. of waging economic and psychological war against Iran, in a meeting with the Assembly of Experts last week.

Previously, many high-level officials were denying that the sanctions have a big impact on Iran, but the continued devaluation of the national currency and soaring prices have left little to doubt.

President Hassan Rouhani had said at the Iranian Parliament in late August, “Don’t say in your speeches that the country is facing a crisis. We have been harmed and have at times been on the verge of being harmed, but there is no crisis.”